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• Registration certificate with DNA verified pedigrees

• Capturing of data:

- Birth registrations and identification information of animals
- DNA results
- Verifying pedigrees
- Reproduction performance
- Weight traits
- Horn traits
- Carcass traits

• Reports for management and mating plans

- Registration status report
- Farm report
- Parentage report
- Offspring per dam report
- Electronic catalogues

• Analysis

- Derive mitochondrial and nuclear origin from DNA verified pedigrees.
- Calculation of individual and average reproduction data, e.g. age first calved, intercalving periods, etc.
- Calculation of averages for horn traits, e.g. length, circumference, tip to tip etc.
   (Compiling growth curves and comparing it to the database averages.)
- Calculation of averages for weight traits, e.g. weaning weight, young adult weight, adult weight etc.
   (Compiling growth curves and comparing it to the database averages.)
- Calculation of averages for carcass traits, e.g. carcass weight, dressing percentage, rib-eye muscle area etc.
   (Compiling herd curves and comparing it to the database averages.)
- Breeding values – benchmark animals based on genetic potential only for various traits including: horn traits, weight traits, reproduction etc.

• WS2 Web system

- Searching animal information (identification, pedigrees, performance information etc.)
- Mating predictor
 (Mate animals on paper and calculate inbreeding percentages of the selected mating based on the pedigree information.)

Additional benefits of Wildlife Stud Services Members:

  • Unlimited free advice  from Genetic Advisor and support staff.
  • Annual farm visit to provide advise and support to improve your breeding practices on the farm.
  • Opportunity to publish in the well renowned Wildlife Breeders Journal


To become a member at Wildlife Stud Services, please complete the following application for membership form below and return to: You will then be contacted by the WS2 office to provide all required documents and support with further instructions to start the registration process.

To speed up the process it is advised that the DNA request permission letter (provided on the application for membership form) should be completed and sent at the same time as the application form. This will give WS2 permission to receive a copy of  DNA results from the laboratory where the DNA was done, with the purpose of capturing this data onto the system.

Next we must acquire the Phenotypical and Performance data (visual evaluation and measurements). This is done by completing the registration forms provided with your confirmation of membership and return to us at We will then enter this data onto the system and match it to the DNA results we received from the laboratory.

Once the animals have been entered onto the system, the usage of the Genetic tools: GeneProb, MateSel and Internet Solutions  is free of charge.

WS2 will assist all members in the setup and usage of these tools in order for ranchers to achieve maximum benefit. (Please contact the office if assistance is required)

Fee Structure

Type/ Tipe Fees/Fooie (2016)Description/ Beskrywing
Membership Fees
Lidmaatskap Fooi
R 5 000
Payable on registration and thereafter 0n 1 March yearly
Betaalbaar met aansluiting en daarna jaarliks op 1 Maart
Registration Fee (per animal/dier)
All species/Alle spesies
Animals/diere 1-50
Animals/diere 51-100
Animals/diere 101-150
Animals/diere 151-200
Animals/diere 201+

R 500
R 475
R 450
R 425
R 400
Payable once only for the lifespan of the Animal
Betaalbaar eenmalig -lewenslank
R 100Some animals like Impala, Wildebeast, springbok of natural
Sommige diere bv. Rooibok,Wildebees, springbok van natuurlike kleur/potensiele "split"
Transfer fees
Free of ChargeOwnership transfer form one owner to another owner (on sale)
Wanneer eienaarskap oorgedra word van een eienaar na 'n ander (met verkoop)
Duplicate certificate
Duplikaat sertifikaat
R 50Duplicate certificate to be posted
Duplikaar sertifikaat moet gepos word
Internet Catalogue
Internet Katalogus
R 250 per lotInternet Cataloge for Private sales*
Internet katalogus vir Privaat verkope*

 * Internet and/or Word /Pdf catalogue for Auctions can be done- negotiable
* Internet en/of Eord/Pdf  katalogus vir veiligngs kan gedoen word- onderhandelbaar

 Please note: DNA testing is not included in the above fees. DNA costs are payable to the laboratory  of your choice

Neem kennis: DNS toetsing is nie ingelsuit in die bogenoemde fooie nie- DNS kostes word direk aan die Laboratoriumvan u keuse betaal.



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